Phoenix/Firestorm Support Region

So there’s some great news for users of the Phoenix and Firestorm viewers…. a dedicated help region within Second Life.

Jessica Lyon (Lead developer) has stated on their blog the following:

As of today we are adding one more major initiative towards that effort [improving user experience] , which is to provide a support region for both our own users and to all residents of Second Life where they can go to find help with viewer issues and just about everything else. This is not to be used as a hangout — it’s purely for those who need help.

Phoenix/Firestorm already have some great support groups where most questions can be answered by other users (or team members if available), but it’s always nice to be able to visit a place inworld for that extra bit of one to one support.

Don’t forget, the team still have many other forms of support as well. They still operate a Jira ticketing system, which allows you to submit tickets for any of the following:

To request a new feature
To request an improvement
To report a bug
To request support

They have a wiki which has in depth documentation for the current viewers and they are even holding inworld classes for users of the Firestorm Viewer (not currently held for Phoenix as far as I’m aware).

I think it’s fair to say, that Phoenix/Firestorm team have potentially the best support for any third party viewer within SL at present. With the addition of such dedicated developers, I’m excited to see what they have to offer with upcoming viewer updates.

SLURL to the new Phoenix Firestorm Support Region


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